• Wait - who are you?  
    We are an independent film production company based out of Los Angeles, California in the heart of Hollywood. The company was started by gay indie actor/producer Matthew Montgomery. You can check out his IMdb page here

  • What do you do?
    We make movies. We also shoot music videos and other stuff.
  • What does Proteus mean?
    Proteus was an old sea god from Greek mythology. He's known as the shapeshifter as he is adaptable to any and all situations. He is represented by the element of water.
  • Can I submit my next greatest screenplay?
    No. But we're always open to hearing pitches. Please feel free to message us using the form in our contact page regarding your pitch and if there is interest, then one of our team members will contact you for a complete submission.
  • I'm an actor and interested in casting. Who do I harass?
    Actors are always welcome to submit their headshots and let us know what they are up to. Please use the form in our contact page and we will be happy to keep you in mind for future projects.